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Saturday, July 21, 2007

More of Teh Gay

For those of you who cannot wait to hear how this story ends on page two, your life is now complete:

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The management of the PFL Team Samoa is so keen to win gold at next month's South Pacific Games it has banned gay activities, drugs and alcohol for all team members.

It has also advised athletes to "eat to live and not live to eat" during the games.

The instructions are detailed in a memo to Team Managers, obtained by the Samoa Observer yesterday.

The memo was the outcome of a meeting of Team Managers at the Fagali'i Golf Course, on Friday 20 June 2007.

"Do not embarrass yourself, your family and your country by trying this in the (Games) village," the memo said about homosexual and lesbian relationships.

"Best not to even think about this. It's against the law of God."

The memo said the Management Team has set out rules and regulations so that there is peace and harmony at the village.

"With the rules and regulations there are also measures of discipline which the Management Team will exercise when any of these rules and regulations are violated," the memo warned.

"It is our desire that we are all mature, humble and responsible citizens, and therefore will not have to exercise these disciplinary measures."

But the memo has not gone down well with some athletes, sources said.

One sports administrator said the decision about homosexuals was "discriminative, outrageous" and "below the belt."

Speaking to the Samoan Observer on the condition of anonymity, she said what athletes do during the games is none of the management's business.

She said it appears the management team has isolated gays and lesbians which is "discriminating and downright arrogant."

But Chef de mission, Segi Bee Leung Wai defended the decision yesterday. He disagrees that it is "discriminatory and outrageous."

"We are against the practice of it in Team Samoa," he said. "when we stay together, we do not want a girl and another girl to show that relationship. According to the Bible, it is against the law."

But Mr Leung Wai said the rule does not mean gays or lesbians would be barred form representing Samoa.

"We are not saying not gays are allowed in Team Samoa," he pointed out.

"All we are saying is that we do not tolerate gay behavior within the village between members of our team or any other team.

"It is the same as saying athletes are as saying athletes are not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs. After the games, these athletes who are gay or lesbian can then do whatever they want.

"But in the village and during the games, no such behaviour of any kind will be tolerated."

Mr Leung Wai said the idea is to prevent "embarrassing Samoa and the family of athletes."

"How would you feel if a member of your family was a fa'afafine and behaving gay towards other athletes within the village?" he asked.

"You wouldn't like it. We do not want embarrassment to fall on the families and onto Samoa."
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Homosexual Activities

The South Pacific Games (SPG), sort of like a regional olympics, is going to be hosted in Samoa this year. It's a big deal, and most schools (including my own) are closing for a month to provide livinging quarters for the athletes. According to the newspaper headline below, it seems there are concerns about folks getting all gay and stuff.

For the Curious

The headline reads 'Guilty of sodomy' and the text is transcribed below

---start text---
A 54-year-old man has been found guilty of two counts of sodomy in the Supreme Court.

The victim was a nine-year old boy of his village

The court issued name suppression for both the victim and defendant.

The matter was adjourned to 10 July for a probation report and sentencing.

The defendant was remanded on continuing bail.

He was put on trial on 12 May after denying that he had sodomised the boy on 26 and 28 of April last year.

Chief Just Patu Tiava'asu'e Falefatu Sapolu said the court was satisfied with the evidence given by some of the prosecution witnesses as well as by the victim and doctor called to testify.

He said the charges were proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The boy testified that he was sexually abused by the defendant on the days mentioned.

He said that he was called over by the defendant to his house, to pull grey hair on his back using a pair of tweezers.

The boy did as the defendant asked. The defendant then ordered the boy to wait for him in the lavatory.

The defendant joined the boy inside the lavatory and sexually abused him, the court heard.

After the first act of sodomy the defendant gave the boy 50 sene [0.19 USD].

The boy said that during the second time the defendant did this to him, he cried because he was in pain.

The boy said that the defendant put his hand over his mouth to silence him.

Dr Aleki Fuimaono testified that when the boy was brought to him by the Police for a checkup, he found evidence of penetration of the boy.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007


You know things are lively when sodomy isn't the lead story rather it's page three news.