The Mark of the Jandal

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


'The Visitor'

One afternoon back in November of last year, I was making some tea in my kitchen when I saw a Samoan fellow wondering around my front door. I asked him how he was doing and he asked if I were a Peace Corps. I told him that I was. He then asked me if I lived there alone, and I replied that I had a roommate. Next he said he had something for me and he pulled out a large white envelope with some writing. He asked me to read what was inside, and then he quickly hurried off. I looked at the envelope, and it had the following written on the outside:

United States of America
Pentagon, FBI, CIA
Pure White Citizen Only
September 11th, Report

Inside are several pages of what looks like random scrawlings. Here are some excerpts of what appears to be his stream of conscience.

-> burn U.S. and Britain Flag - before blood shed
-> some body tear me Apart
-> Dr Quinn, Australian TV Series Police Nicole Kidman, Crocodile hunter

There doesn't appear to be much method to this. He writes about Bush, Rumsfield, Flags, killing, pure white people, being in prison, playing rugby, etc. I thought this was odd, so I sent a letter to our Safety and Security Officer. This was his response:

Must be one of several mentally disabled persons who freely roam the streets. Interesting though that he asked if you were from Peace corps and that he knows the connection between PC, US and Bush. Just be cautious and keep your doors locked at all times.

I hadn't heard anything about this since I reported it. Today I'm speaking to Bryan with my back turned to the door. I notice someone out of my peripheral vision and I turn. It's someone who looks like a student telling me he has something from someone whose name I cannot remember. I look on the envelope:

Pure white people only

I honestly thought it was a joke. I could see a volunteer handing it to a student and having him bringing it into my office. In my initial speculations, the guy ran off. I opened it and it contained the same random scrawlings. Here are some interesting quotes:

Ah Kui a female (girl) a cook student (2007) certificate in tourism told me accidentally, that I should not think of sept 11th, she said their group (wealthy top millionare halfcast) is angry and hate the united states and pure white people becoz white pure people refuse to give them sex like George Bush Junior's daughter, she said she promised to have sex with one of their boys.

David Cane siad 2007 (coconut beach) unless U.S.A. signed deal to stop envrionmental damag, terrorist will still atack their land. He gave me a dope.

I swear before god and pentagon that all this information are true may god help pure white people of America

Monday, May 07, 2007

All Your Things Are Belong To Us

I'm laying on the mat in my living room Saturday morning, May 5th, working on my final exams which have to be submitted on Monday when a young man walks up to my door. I open it and he hands me a piece of paper. I look down and see that it's a memo:

--beign memo--
To: All tenants
CC: Vice Chancellor
From: Director of Physcial Facilities
Date: 03 May 2007
Re: Condition Survey for NUS flats at Vaivase-tai on the 07/05/2007


Please be advised there will be a full survey for all the flats at Vaivase-tai on 7 May 2007 starting from 8.30am until 3.00pm. The survey will be conducted by the Physical Facilities through the Building Service team to inspect and report on the current condition of these flats

Please note this will be a full survey and will cover the entire unit both inside and outside of building. We will carry out this exercise on the condition with or without the presence of the tenant.

You are also reminded we are not responsible for any loss of personal belonging during the survey

Thankyou for your corporation
Amerika Siale
--end memo--

That's Amerika, his friends call him 'States, he's responsible for not fixing things that are broken, and he does this job very well. Well I call him Amerika when I'm feeling polite, and I think it's nice of him to warn us on a Saturday that he's planning on looting our house Monday while we're at work.

There were some other volunteers over on Saturday, and upon reading the memo above one of them asked "Is that legal?". And what a good old laugh we had about that statement.

We called the Peace Corps office and arranged to have someone watch our apartment while the inspection occurred.