The Mark of the Jandal

Friday, March 16, 2007

Statistically Challenged

A student I help quite often was in my office and we had the following conversation:

Student: How come when the boats come it rains?

Me: Excuse me?

Student: My grandfather says that it always rains when the boats with the people [cruise ships] come.

Me: You do realize it's the rainy season?

Student: Yes, but when it rains when the boats come.

Me: Yes, but it also rains when they don't come... it rains every day... it's the rainy season

Student: Yes, but it sometimes happens in the dry season.

Me: It's called the dry season because it doesn't rain as much. We live in the tropics, and it rains all the time.

[conversation proceeds]

Student: Are you telling me that you don't believe the Samoan superstition

Me: Do you know what that word means?


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