The Mark of the Jandal

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Smell of Death

Some days you're laying down on a mat in your living room and you think to yourself: "It sure smells like something died." Perhaps one of the starving dogs succumbed in the sugarcane outside your window. You may look up at the volunteer visiting you and say, "do you smell something rotting"? He replies in the negative and you think you're imagining it. As you get ready for bed, you pull off your shirt and think: "Man I'm sweating something quite fetid and rank, this just isn't normal". Ants seem to come to you where they didn't before and you think: "Have I died and just didn't realize it?". Then you notice the pillow you normally lay around on smells pretty bad, you pull the pillow case off and a decomposing lizard missing it's tail falls out. The missing tail tells you that was its last refuge taken while fleeing from the cat. All is well, you have not died and are not going slowly insane.


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