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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

When god created the heavens and the earth, he (or she depending on how you anthropomorphize your deity) decided to place Samoa in the middle of the ocean far enough from the equator to be livable but not so far south to have actual seasons. This created a warm --- some might say hot at times --- and humid climate. This is an ideal climate for plants to thrive, and thrive they do. This also produced a wonderful environment for the Samoan people allowing them plenty of food to thrive and flourish.

Like the Yin and the Yang, the universe demands balance. While this combination of heat and humidity is quite agreeable to the papaya trees in my front yard, it is not so ideal for electronic equipment. It is with deep regret that I report that god had some takething to do last week. My little PowerBook was called by god to the information technology convention in the sky. It was a rather slow and painful death, that I cannot recount here because it is still too emotionally troubling. Normally slow deaths are considered bad ones, however, while standing on it's last leg, my PowerBook gave me the opportunity back up all of my important data. This last effort by my little laptop resulted in very little data lost.

While looking upon the corpse of what was once my little companion with a matte metal finish, I began to think about those service centers located in distant lands. Really, the only thing separating the recently deceased and another shot at life was a little water. A little research would reveal that the closest authorized service centers (the warranty is still valid until February 2008) are in Vanuatu and Tonga. Alas, less water than that which lies between here and Australia, but more than I can bike in a day.

I began inquiring if any one I knew was planning on making any trips abroad soon. It was with great delight that I found out my Dean was heading to New Zealand on Thursday evening. I asked her if should would make this pilgrimage with my laptop and place upon the alter of an authorized apple service person for the appropriate sacrifices. When she agreed, I could see my Mac approaching the glowing doorway to the information technology convention in the sky from the dimly lit parking lot. It could hear my voice calling it back, telling it that it was not it's time.

And so that is where it things stand now. My Dean left for New Zealand on Thursday to return a week later. The poor fragile little Mac stands and the breach between an unforgiving environment and the here after. And I toil away making lectures and practical activities for next week....


  • oh John, you should have known that the pastey white powerbook couldnt handle the wildes of samoa. you shoulda got a dell :) no make that hp.

    By Blogger Annan Ymous, at 2:24 PM  

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