The Mark of the Jandal

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lawn Care

During training, I noticed how most people would mow their lawns with weedeaters or machettes. The machette kind of made sense to me: it was cheap, few moving parts which would break, didn't require gas. The weedeater, however, seemed a little odd. As with other seemingly odd things I experience, I never really asked anyone why this was. I would ponder it for a while and come up with my own solution. If it came to my mind while I was talking with a Samoa, I'd probably ask. My reason relates to the ground here. It's full of volcanic rocks poking up every where, and I assume that this geographic feature would make using a lawn mower very expensive. Weedeaters on the other hand are quite robust when it comes to striking hard surfaces.

The most noticeable aspect to me, beyond the army of men brandishing weedeaters, is what they wear to work. Now I know that a lot of dirt and dust can be kicked up with a weedeater, but they wear coveralls and face masks. I have trouble wearing pants here in the wet season, and these guys are out in the heat of the day completely covered. Of course, around lunchtime a break must be taken. With that I'll leave you with the following:


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