The Mark of the Jandal

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Visual Fodder

It seems some people like to hear from me a little more frequently. The delima is that I like to talk extensively about myself and write blog entries that are tome-like. I've been collecting different images which are interesting, but don't fit in well within any specific narrative. So I'm going to start putting up one every week or so as filler between my longer postings.

So this first piece of photographic stuffing is a picture of a centipede being born from Bryans wall. The centipedes here get rather long and I'm told, though I have yet to experience one myself, that their bite is quite painful. Bryan called me into his room one night to show me the fat centipede comeing through that pastel-blue/off-white birth canal. We tried to help it out by giving it a pencil to hold on to, but it was just too fat. After a day or so of struggling, it made it out. However, the energy expended to free itsself was too great. Like other rebirthings, this one ended fatally for out multi-legged friend. It passed away on Bryans floor a day or so later.

I rode around Savai'i with Marques and Candice last week. I'll probably put up a post about that this weekend sometime.


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