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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Da' Code

As in many god fearing nations, especially those with a high Catholic contingent, the Da Vinci Code (movie and book) has gotten some people's knickers in a twist. I must admit that I haven't read the book or seen the movie (more on that below). I spoke with my roommate in grad school about it when the book was really causing a ruckus. He basically, it's a fluffy novel that is, that probably wouldn't be doing so well if it weren't for all the publicity the churches were giving it. In fact I probably wouldn't want to go see it if it weren't for all the people it was pissing off --- I really admire anyone who can challenge the proprieties of such a large swath of people.

Well I wont be seeing it here anytime soon --- at least not in the theater. It seems the government of Samoa has seen fit to protect the populace from the corruption of this devastating work of... well... fiction. Of course, being in the Peace Corps, we volunteers are not allowed to have opinions of our host countries. Well, we're allowed to have them, but we just cannot state them publicly. Fortunately, the Samoans are allowed to express such things. So I leave you with the weblog entry of a Samoan I read regularly.


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