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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The other other white meat.

Last week I was sitting in the office with the door open. We don't use air conditioning so the windows and door are open to get a nice draft moving through the room. I was reading either a book or something on my computer when a blur moved through my peripheral vision. The first thought was: that rat was huge and had to posses a large set in order to run around during the day. Naturally I had to see this rat. So I walked around the desk where I saw it run, and I found a kitten. Of course, I felt a kind of sympathy for the little beast. As I reached for it, I was greeted with a hiss and claws.

I reached an agreement with the kitten. I wouldn't try to befriend it, and it wouldn't try to take off part of my finger. When Jonathan came in, I told him there was a kitten by his desk. He looked at me with a questioning look. He received the same warm greeting from the little one and came to a similar conclusion. At the end of the day we locked everything up and left. The kitten was waiting for me under the desk beside mine when I returned the next morning. We fed it some milk that day, and while it seemed happy to have the food, it was still afraid of us --- not that I can hold fear of a being over a hundred times ones own size.

This is when Bryan and I began to conspire. See we have a bit of a rodent problem (rat and mouse). While I'm find of rats as pets, I don't really like sharing food with them. The have thwarted many of our traps, and I've come up with some sophisticated plots with the standard spring loaded rat traps. This cat was to be the solution to that problem. We determined that if the kitten was there the next day, we would take it home and develop a working relationship. We would provide it with food, shelter, and medical care. It would provide us with a rodent free home.

So this is our new cat:

Of course I'm living on a volunteers salary. So this means that I don't normally spend that much money on meat. And we all know that the younger the animal, the more tender and juicy the cut. So, after a couple days of feeding and fattening up the cat, I couldn't take it any longer:

It's ok, I haven't seen the Samoan branch of the People for Eating Tasty Animals.


  • I loved the pics! I was born and raised in Samoa but live in Texas now. I enjoy reading about the Peace Corp view of Samoa.

    By Blogger Lotopa, at 5:30 PM  

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